In hot metal components, if you want it, we can make it.

We're your go-to guys. Fast. Reliable. With technical expertise that quickly turns problems into cost-effective solutions.

From turnkey design and manufacture to total upgrades of any existing equipment, our capabilities reach as far as your needs.

From 55 pound drills to 2 million pound assemblies. From small spindles held to .005" tolerance to 80 ft pusher rams. From basic transfer equipment to sophisticated tuyere stock and valves. From engineered solutions to refit work.

We can do that.

... tap hole drills and clay guns... bells and hoppers... tuyere stocks and stove valves... hydraulic charging units and

Woodings does that?

wear products... ladles and buckets... and tilters and skimmers...
and drifters... and breakers... and continuous caster equipment... and electric arc furnaces... and upgrades and refits.

And that too?

We can. And we do.
Custom equipment and service for almost every hot metal need...

We can and we do.


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