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Woodings scrubbers are engineered to provide efficient, long-term performance.  Woodings has incorporated numerous design features that allow easier access to components while providing longer part life.

Woodings scrubbers are available in Venturi and cone configurations.  Venturi scrubbers may be ordered in carbon steel or, for maximum wear and performance, with Grabe overlay plate.  Woodings is the exclusive licensee for Grabe overlay in the US.

Cone Scubbers

In this type of scrubber, the movement of the cone upward or downward increases or decreases the opening and airflow.


  • Cast high chrome iron (white iron) cone material.
  • Stainless steel construction in the area of high corrosion for improved unit life.
  • Special cast iron nozzle bodies with replaceable stainless steel plates for orifices.

Venturi Scrubber

Utilizes dampers that open and close to increase or decrease the opening for the gas flow.


  • Split bearing pillow blocks for improved maintenance of the unit
  • Upper Housing and Lower Housing internal areas coated with a ceramic coating to provide abrasion resistance and long life.  1" thick ceramic blocks are also    installed over the Lower Housing end walls.
  • Ceramic Upper Housing Spray Nozzles.
  • Shaft Assemblies with Swivel Baffle Plates. The ends of the Shafts (sealing area only) are chrome plated for improved sealing and corrosion protection. The Baffle Plates have 1" thick ceramic blocks installed over the face to provide abrasion resistance and long life. The remainder of the Shaft Assembly is also coated with a ceramic coating.
  • All Housing Gaskets are "Basket Woven" Teflon.
  • The design of the Swivel Baffle Plates/Lower Housing is such that the opening between the top of the Plates and the Housing is minimized. This lessens the amount of erosion seen in and around the Shaft Assemblies/Swivel Baffle Plates/Lower Housing areas.
  • Grabe overlay plate fabrication for reduced housing erosion, extended performance life.




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