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Utilizing the latest technology and 100 years of experience, Woodings provide furnace equipment that delivers long-term reliability and efficiency.

Above Burden Probes

Fixed probe remains in the furnace and allows for continuous temperature monitoring. The Woodings above burden probe is also capable of gas sampling, if required.


Features of this probe include:
• Temperature measuring range of 200° F to 1800°F
• Removable tray for thermocouple changing
• Cooling by water, steam or nitrogen
• Fixed probe remains in furnace

Top Charging Chutes

Woodings produces and rebuilds top charging chutes using stainless steel construction with chromium carbide overlaid liner plates with rock box options.

Feeder Spouts for Top Charging Equipment

Feature chromium carbide overlay liners.





Bells and Hoppers

Whether you need small or large, one-piece or two-piece hoppers, Woodings delivers. We collaborate with our technology partner, Franz Grabe, to produce bells that use Grabe overlay plate. Grabe utilizes technology that allows the weld overlay to be welded to a flat plate and then fabricated into the unit for better weld penetration and greater structural reliability.

The bell top can be cast or fabricated with machined or ground seat surfaces and chromium carbide overlay on burden and seat area.

An optional stepped seat design is available on bells to reduce seat surface wear.

In-Burden Probes

The probe is electro-mechanically driven, and takes gas samples at regular positions from the furnace center to the furnace wall, at a nominal level below the maximum fill level. The probe lance may be water-cooled for heat protection.




Bleeder Valves






We manufacture and recondition bleeder valves designed for long-lasting service.
Bleeder valves up to 31" diameter are available, and are normally operated from the furnace top hydraulic system. A manual override can be incorporated to allow for emergency operation from a lower level. Also available: a non-hydraulic counterweighted style valve that opens from the pressure overcoming the counterweights.

The opening mechanism is a Siemens VAI patented design, actuated by hydraulic cylinder, and featuring an over-center spring assembly, providing automatic pressure relief. Once open, the valve lid is positioned out of the gas flow.

The bleeder valves utilize both metal-to-metal and secondary soft-seating, designed for quick and easy replacement.

Equalizing and Relief Valves

Woodings E&R valves are available as plug or flap types, operated hydraulically or pneumatically. Woodings/Siemens VAI offers a variety of E&R valves that can provide significant cost and efficiency benefits.

In a unique design and engineering breakthrough, the Woodings/Siemens VAI alliance has led to the development of an integrated manhole access door into the 16” flap valve. Maintenance time and cost are slashed, and efficiency increases dramatically.



Lock Hoppers

Available in conical or flat shapes, Woodings’ lock hoppers feature chromium carbide plates or casting.

Stockline Ignition Lance

Used during maintenance operations on the furnace top, this lance is used to ignite the gases given off by the burden, and then maintain combustion. Constructed of stainless steel, the lance features:

• Quick release manhole for furnace entry
• Electric motor with gearbox or air motor with gearbox used for lance travel
• Emergency hand drive
• Lance ignition using coke oven, or natural gas
• Stand alone control panel
• Lance constructed of stainless steel

Stockline Detector

Directly connected to furnace charging control system, this detector is a self-contained gas tight unit with electric motor drive. Features include:
• Standard gearbox
• Easily replaceable weight
• Emergency handwheel operation
• Cam switch unit for accurate positioning
The level detector continually measures the amount of bulk material inside hoppers and silos to determine when materials need to be replenished. The product’s major benefit is its ability to improve both the timing and quantity of material additions. The precise feedback of the Matsushima level detector ensures that the right amount of material is added only when it is needed. The risk of overloading the hopper or silo, or adding too little material, is significantly reduced if not eliminated.

Radar Stockline Indicators

For level measurement in severe environments where high density dust exists at high temperature and high pressure, a radar level indicator gets the job done. This indicator utilizes radar measurement technology for continuous, non-contact measurement.

This is an easy-to-install indicator and it is virtually maintenance-free.

Seal Valves

Woodings can repair of seal valve operators to ensure zero leakage at the shaft seals.
We utilize a special test box to ensure no shaft seal leakage prior to shipment.




Throat Armor Plates

Available with movable or fixed armor. Movable armor drive systems may also be specified. Armor plates can be chromium carbide overlaid plate or castings.

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