If you can think it, we can make it.

Products that last longer, perform better.

Every Woodings product is designed to achieve maximum longevity with a minimum of maintenance. The end result is rugged equipment that functions with simplicity and dependability.

Furnace Proper and Top Equipment
Above Burden Probes, Top Chutes, Top Feeder Spouts, Bells and Hoppers, Sub Burden Probes, Bleeder Valves, Copper Coolers, Equalizing and Relief Valves, Lock Hoppers, Stockline Ignition Lance, Stockline Detector, Microwave Stockline Indicators, Seal Valves, Throat Armor Plates

Cast House Floor Products
Bar Changer, Clay Guns, Drilling Machine Hardware, Hydrallic and Pneumatic Hammers, Iron Trough Cover Manipulators, Microwave Level Detection for Submarine Ladles, Taphole Drills, Integrated Hydrallic Claygun and Taphole Drill, BOF Taphole Drill, Taphole Drill Tools, Solid Drill Rod with Threaded Upset Forged Drill Bit, Drill Rods with Interchangeable Steel Drill Bits, Drill Rods with Interchangeable Drill Bits (Wing Bits), Poking Bars, Tilting Runners, Tuyere and Tuyere Cooler Changing Machine, Tuyere Stocks, Copper Casting Products

Stove Systems
Back Draft Valves, Blow Off Valves, Burner Valves, Cold Blast Valves, Chimney Valves, Goggle Valves, Hot Blast Valves, Mixer Valves, Pug Mill, Three Lever Valves

Buckets and Tongs
Clamshell Buckets, Coil Tongs, Scrap Buckets, Slab Tongs

Stock House and Raw Material Handling
Chutes, Fabrication and Machining, Hoppers, Ore Buckets, Wear Resistant Materials, Ore Weight Hoppers

Continuous Caster Products
Bearing Housings, Dummy Bars, Ladle Covers, Ladles, Mold/Footrole Frames, Oscillator Rolls, Runout Tables, Tundish, Tundish Car

Coke Oven Products
Chutes, Fabrication and Machining, High Temperature Wear Resistant Plates, Leveler Bars, Pusher Ram, Stand Pipes

Mini Mill Furnace Products
Clay Guns, Hydrallic and Pneumatic Hammers, Ladle Covers, Ladle Preheater Covers, Taphole Drills, Water Cooled Hoods, Water Cooled Copper Troughs, Wear Resistant Plates

Reheat Furnace Products
Charging Doors, Exit Doors, Recuperator Boxes

Sinter Plant Products
Crash Decks, Screens

Pig Machines

Scrubbers Venturi Configuration, Cone Configuration

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