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No one offers mini-mills a better choice for high performance products than Woodings.

We work with you to create a solution that matches your objective for equipment production and performance.

Mud Guns

Woodings hydraulic mud guns incorporate the latest technology to create the most effective mud guns available. Woodings does not depend on outside suppliers to provide components. We manufacture the equipment completely, including our own cylinders and swivels. Our technical personnel visit the customer’s site and plan the best application of our products to the customer’s operation and maintenance requirements.

Woodings mud guns are extremely sturdy, yet very easy to operate. After the barrel is loaded with mud, it requires only 2 functions to plug the hole — swing the gun against taphole and extrude the mud.

We also provide mud guns and taphole drills for electric furnace applications. These designs are pedestal mounted or a variety of trolley mounted equipment is available to suit the specific local site conditions.

Electric Arc

Woodings' ability to produce large fabrications with strict dimensional tolerances is a perfect match for the critical ASME requirements of EAF shell components. All welds NDT checked.



AOD Vessel

All furnace shell components are manufactured to strict ASME welding requirements and NDT inspected prior to shipping.



AOD Water Cooled Hood

The demands of pressure vessel requirements call for critical welding. Woodings delivers. Our water cooled hoods are fabricated from either schedule 40 or schedule 80 pipe and meet the most critical performance specifications.



Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hammers

Woodings drifters are specifically designed to provide the best performance under the harshest environments in the steel industry.

Woodings innovative approach is evidenced in the WHR-600 Drifter. Combining hydraulics and pneumatics, this drifter offers high torque and high frequency impact. The result is a clean, uniform taphole without damaging high-energy impact. The taphole is opened much more quickly resulting in lower operating cost.

Integrated Hydraulic Mudgun and Taphole Drill
(for Electric Furnace and Smelting Furnace Applications)

Woodings’ innovative approach to equipment design has resulted in a new, combination mud gun/tap hole drill idea for use in smaller furnaces.

The new equipment provides faster, more effective and more predictable results than hand lancing and plugging while increasing worker safety. The new gun/drill combination is a portable, self-driven, battery powered and all-pneumatic unit. The equipment features a 400 psi gun with a 3-inch nozzle and a 1¼-inch taphole drill.

Overhead on stationary rails or pedestal mounted. Also available as individual units.

Hydraulic Hammer - as required (normally 1,000 psi) Hydraulic positioning and ramming operation.

Drill Unit:
Chain drive Feed Length - as required.

Drill: WFP – 600 200 - 260 rpm 140 185 ft. lb. impact 390 cfm at 90 psi.


Large furnace shell equipment, such as degassers, require strict dimensional tolerances and adherence to ASME specifications. Meeting these requirements is what Woodings does day in and day out.




Ladle Covers

Fabricated to order, these covers have either refractory castable or refractory fiber.

Ladle Preheater Covers

As with our ladle covers, these fabricated preheater covers have refractory castable or refractory fiber.

Taphole Drills

For more than 50 years, Woodings Industrial Corporation has been producing blast furnace taphole drilling tools. The requirements for constantly longer tapholes, smaller drilled hole diameters, harder taphole muds and less stopping time has demanded new technology and design. At the same time, cost effective solutions have become a paramount issue. Woodings has met that challenge head on.

Depending on the conditions at the taphole, we guarantee that one of our types of drill tools will perform at the highest level. Your costs of drilling per tap will be reduced in comparison to other drilling tools. Furthermore we are prepared to design and fabricate tailor made tools to meet your technical demands, or to manufacture tools according to our client's own drawings.

Wear Resistant Plates

Working in alliance with Franz Grabe, the leading manufacturer of weld overlay techniques for the iron and steel industries, Woodings can provide products designed to slow down wear rates in high wear and abrasion applications. In order to meet many diverse applications, the overlay can be cut, rolled, or formed without fracture or distortion.

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