The Hydraulic Distributor:  A better mousetrap.
The breakthrough technology of the Hydraulic Charging Unit system is the Hydraulic Distributor. Under a joint technology cooperative agreement with Baotou Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd, Woodings has the exclusive rights to market, engineer and manufacture the Hydraulic Distributor, a new—and better—top for blast furnace efficiency.

The Hydraulic Distributor is an alternative system that simplifies the entire process. In this design, hydraulics replace traditional electro-mechanical functions of other designs. There are fewer moving components so the unit functions with greater reliability and longevity. The benefits of this system are impressive:

  • Better furnace reliability
  • Increased furnace top pressure
  • More consistent operation
  • Less maintenance
  • Increased fuel savings
  • Improved gas and heat protection

More of a better thing.
Designed to be more reliable, more maintenance friendly and more economical, the system fits within the same area as existing tops as an upgrade/retrofit. The rotary gearbox has a more compact design and offers improved protection from furnace gases and heat.

Simple design eliminates problems.
Simpler is better. In this design, tilting the revolving chute is a function of reliable hydraulics. Rotation of the chute is accomplished with a simple gearbox and electric motor.

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