(Mars, PA)— As a worldwide leader in the manufacture of equipment for the hot metals industry, Woodings Industrial serves customers around the globe but they also answer the needs of those right around the block. A large Pittsburgh-based steel producer has selected Woodings to provide a sizable order of tuyere stocks and hot blast valves.

The steelmaker is undergoing a major reline job and blast furnace upgrade for which Woodings will provide 20 sets of tuyere stocks which will be installed in August or September.

Also set to be delivered in August is a new battery-powered tuyere cart, designed and produced by Woodings. Driven by a 60 volt DC motor that drives a hydraulic pump that, in turn powers all the cart’s motions, the Wooding tuyere cart is strong, reliable and can be easily operated without the need for pneumatics and the accompanying cumbersome hoses.

Woodings is also supplying the steelmaker with four new, high-efficiency hot blast valves. Engineered by Woodings, these valves feature a water-cooled seat ring and a refractory lined body/bonnet. Unlike fully water cooled valves, the Wooding valves do not pull as much heat out of the blast, thus extending the life of the hot blast valve and providing higher hot blast temperatures.

The valves are currently undergoing inspection and will be shipped in early August. “The ability to fill this order and provide equipment that is on the leading edge of design and performance is what sets us apart from the competition. Helping producers go to the next level in terms of productivity, reliability and efficiency is what we’re here for and this equipment will accomplish all of that and more,” stated Rob Woodings, president.

About Woodings Industrial Corp.
The only hot metal equipment supplier offering design, engineering, manufacturing and service from one source, Woodings Industrial Corp. is the oldest continuous family-operated business in North America's steel industry. A worldwide leader in the manufacture of metals industry equipment, Woodings uses the most current technologies to design, engineer and manufacture an extensive line of traditional and not-so-traditional hot metal equipment, such as tap hole drills, clay guns, blast furnace top hydraulic charging units, tuyere stocks, blast furnace valves, hydraulic distributors and specialty products for continuous casters. Woodings is the exclusive supplier of Grabe overlay components in North America and has plants at its headquarters in Mars and Harmony, Pa., along with offices in Detroit, Mich. and Gary, Ind.