(Mars, PA)— A large steelmaking facility is going big, having placed an order for the design and production of a very large hydraulic goggle valve from Woodings Industrial.

The valve, which sizes up at 96” x 84””, will feature hydraulic operation for the clamp/ unclamp system and electromechanical operation for the goggle plate open/close system. Also included with the valve is a built-in fabricated expansion joint.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the plate will feature rubber seats on both the open and closed rings. The swinging goggle plate is electro-mechanically operated with a Limitorque operator. The valve body seats have overlay protection. A small hydraulic unit is provided to unclamp the valve prior to swinging the goggle plate. Woodings goggle valves are used as isolation valves for maintenance work or when production is at a stop. The valves provide a positive shut-off of gas in blast furnace, basic oxygen, coke oven or other gas mains.

The new goggle valve will be delivered in September to take advantage of the steelmaker’s fall outage.

This is the second goggle valve delivered to this facility. Previously, Woodings designed and produced a valve for the producer’s B2 furnace.

About Woodings Industrial Corp.
The only hot metal equipment supplier offering design, engineering, manufacturing and service from one source, Woodings Industrial Corp. is the oldest continuous family-operated business in North America's steel industry. A worldwide leader in the manufacture of metals industry equipment, Woodings uses the most current technologies to design, engineer and manufacture an extensive line of traditional and not-so-traditional hot metal equipment, such as tap hole drills, clay guns, blast furnace top hydraulic charging units, tuyere stocks, blast furnace valves, hydraulic distributors and specialty products for continuous casters. Woodings is the exclusive supplier of Grabe overlay components in North America and has plants at its headquarters in Mars and Harmony, Pa., along with offices in Detroit, Mich. and Gary, Ind.