(Mars, PA)— Baotou Steel—China's largest steel manufacturer in the northwest area—will install two Woodings-produced Hydraulic Distributors as part of the company’s upgrade to the #4 blast furnace facility in its Baotou City facility in Inner Mongolia.

Eighteen months ago, Woodings shipped three additional new Hydraulic Distributor units to Baotou for use on the company’s new high-capacity blast furnaces.

Baotou has been using its own Hydraulic Distributor technology on its existing furnaces but is now in the process of upgrading to the Woodings Hydraulic Distributor which features improved design and workmanship for better performance and efficiency. Woodings purchased the technology rights to the Hydraulic Distributor from Baotou in (year) and has enhanced the design and durability of the HD. The two new Baotou City blast furnaces will each have a working volume of 4,150 cubic meters of hot metal, bringing Baotou’s total output at this facility to approximately 20 million metric tons of steel per year. All reliably produced using the Hydraulic Distributor technology for burden distribution.

The Woodings Hydraulic Distributor (HD) is the next generation replacement for traditional bell-less tops. The Hydraulic Distributor is interchangeable with existing bell-less tops gearboxes, making the upgrade to this new technology a simple retrofit.

The HD provides precise, repeatable burden distribution resulting in predictable operations. Hydraulic cylinders replace the traditional mechanical function for tilting the revolving chute. Rotation of the chute is accomplished with a simple gearbox and electric motor, which eliminates all complex tilt drives and gear reducers. There are fewer moving components, so the unit functions with greater reliability and longevity. The benefits of this system include:

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