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The brutally hostile environment of the cast house floor calls for equipment that can take the heat while providing reliable, long-term performance. Woodings is a world-leader in the production of this equipment.

Bar Changer

A robotic machine used to handle and install rods or soaking bars into the taphole drill, Woodings bar changer incorporates a bar magazine containing different diameters of bar or rod. The arm of the moving carriage can load a bar from the magazine into the drill chuck, or remove a spent bar from the drill after use.


mud gun

Hydraulic mud guns

Woodings hydraulic mud guns incorporate the latest technology to create the most effective mud guns available. Woodings does not depend on outside suppliers to provide components. We manufacture the equipment completely, including our own cylinders and swivels. Our technical personnel visit the customer’s site and plan the best application of our products to the customer’s operation and maintenance requirements.

hammer Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hammers

Woodings drifters are specifically designed to provide the best performance under the harshest environments in the steel industry.

Woodings innovative approach is evidenced in the WHR-600 Drifter. Combining hydraulics and pneumatics, this drifter offers high torque and high frequency impact.
The result is a clean, uniform taphole without damaging high-energy impact. The taphole is opened much more quickly resulting in lower operating cost.


Iron Trough Cover Traverser

Mounted under the tuyere platform, this traverser is compact and can be efficiently operated through remote control with a manual over-ride back up. Features include a permanently connected cover, repeatable positioning and your choice of hydraulic or pneumatic operation.

Radar Level Detection

In severe environments where high density dust exists at high temperatures and under high pressure, the radar level meter performs flawlessly and can dramatically reduce your operating and maintenance costs. Utilizing radar measurement technology for continuous, non-contact measurement, the meter is easy-to-install and virtually maintenance free.

BOF Taphole Drill

The patented Woodings BOF taphole drill is nothing short of remarkable in its design and performance. This drilling unit is self-contained and has the rigidity of a fixed base machine yet it is portable thanks to a unique attaching mechanism that provides a means to position and center the new taphole sleeve during its installation and also
allows the machine to be removed when the operation is complete.

The rotary cutting head, which is replaceable, provides stable and efficient cutting via hydraulic power. Typical head rotation is 60-100 rpm.


drillTaphole Drills

Woodings is the world's largest manufacturer of taphole drills engineered for individual customers.
Our products are engineered for specific applications to suit our customer’s requirements. Unlike our competitors, we not only manufacture our products within our own facilities, we manufacture our own drills and cylinders specifically for heavy industrial use.

In an effort to ensure that our customers achieve maximum performance and profitability, Woodings offers turnkey service. It starts with our engineering personnel who visit customer sites and plan the best application of our products to our customer’s operation and maintenance requirements. We then build the equipment to exact specifications. When the equipment is ready, Woodings provides installation supervision. Last, but not least, our comprehensive service policy covers scheduled inspections and maintenance and ensures that each Woodings drill operates with maximum efficiency.

All Woodings taphole drills are directed by an operator from a remote control console. Drills are self-locking in the tapping and resting positions, and each has a built-in safety release.

To help you reduce inventory costs and increase operating efficiency, about 80% of the parts from any Woodings taphole drill can be used on other Woodings models.

The range of products listed below and detailed in the linked pages will generally cover all operating requirements:

• Low Profile Tap Hole Drill
• Column-Mounted Tap Hole Drill
• Hole Drilling Tap Hole Drill
• Portable Tap Hole Drill
• Jack Dam Drill
• Rotating Tap Hole Drill
• Refractory Drill
• Hydraulic Tuyere Drill
• Slag Stopper
• Tap Hole Drill Reamer

Blast Furnace Taphole Drill Tools

Solid drill rod with threaded upset forged drill bit

These tools offer the most competitive price in our product range. They can be used for the drilling of short and easy-to-drill tapholes with soft taphole mud and no inclusion of slag or iron. The disadvantage of solid drills is that they can only be used on short tapholes.

Drill rods with interchangeable steel drill bits

This rod will give the best cost and performance results for ordinary taphole conditions. The drill bit makes a clean hole with constant diameter from beginning to end. The bit is made from carbon steel and is interchangeable with different drill rods. Storing interchangeable bits of different diameters together with one type of drill rod will result in considerable saving of cost.

Drill rods with interchangeable drill bits (wing bits)

This drill bit is made from wear resistant cast steel and designed to drill holes with a very clean and constant diameter, even with harder muds and under more difficult conditions. For most tapholes this bit is the best compromise between high drilling speed/performance and good quality of drilled hole.

Poking bars

Woodings offers a wide variety of poking bars in different sizes, lengths, thread dimensions, as well as different materials to most cost effectively meet our customer's operating conditions.

Tilting Runners

Meeting welding specifications on this large fabrication is critical. Woodings gets the job done, time after time.



Tuyere Cart






Tuyere and Tuyere Cooler Changing Machine

This automated machine makes removal and replacement of copper blast furnace tuyeres safer and swifter and minimizes the amount of blast furnace down time associated with conventional, or manual, removal practices.
Tuyere Puller

Tuyere stockstuyere tuyere

Tuyere Stocks

Using a VAI Davy-licensed design, Woodings manufactures tuyere stocks from boiler-quality plate that is lined with refractory material. Each tuyere stock consists of blowpipe, elbow with peepsight and a downleg section, all of which are flange connected. Each tuyere stock features a twin-bellows arrangement, and each bellows unit articulates by ±3.5°. The spherical nose on the blowpipe allows relative movement between blowpipe and tuyere. The blowpipes are suitable for use with oil, natural gas, or coal injection.

Woodings/VAI Davy has engineered the design of the equipment to minimize joints and bends, thus improving the life of the refractory lining and minimizing pressure loss.

The use of a horizontal jointing system, connected by means of quick release tapered wedges, facilitates quick and easy removal of blowpipe and elbow.

General tuyere stock features include:
• Spherical Refractory Joint
• Bellows Unit - Spherical Bearing
• Oil or Coal Injection Lance Connection
• Blast Flow Monitoring
• Water Cooled Nose Option
• Suitable for Both Large and Small Furnaces
• Elbow Has Peep Sight With Valve
• Bellows unit tied by tie bars with spherical bearings
• Horizontal flange on elbow for quick change with quick release bolts
• Physical stops limit movement to ± 5°
• Downleg has spherical refractory joint to enable maximum movement

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