Continuous casting is the most advanced steelmaking technology available for the efficient production of high quality steel. Woodings offers a full line of new and refurbished equipment that consistently provides the same high level of long-term performance and technology.

Bearing Housings

Woodings offers water-cooled and non-water cooled housings with bore tolerances as tight as 0.001 inches. Finishes are exact and meet the most critical demands in bearing and seal areas. In addition to new production, Woodings also refurbishes housings to like-new condition.

castersCaster Segments

Built for performance under the most extreme conditions, our caster segments start with rough roll forgings which then receive a stainless steel overlay and finished machining to match your specifications. Woodings can build caster segments to existing design drawings and can also incorporate design modifications.





Dummy Bars

Woodings provides the critical machining required for dummy bar operation. The use of special materials allows for extended life on the dummy bar heads.

Ladle Covers

Woodings covers feature carbon steel frame with either castable lining or insulating blanket lining.


One of the most critical applications due to the extremely hostile environment of exposure to hot metal. Woodings ladles are noted for long-term, high-quality performance. ASME coded welders are normally required for the production of these ladles. Size is no problem thanks to Woodings’ large manufacturing facilities.

Mold/Footroll Frames

Woodings provides fabricated and machined frame parts that meet the tight tolerances required for the support of the mold footrolls.


Oscillators for the cast house demand fabrication, machining, and critical assembly with close tolerances. Woodings comes through by meeting exact specs every time including the ability to assemble within 0.001 of an inch.




Working with the special grade of forging material required for the production of these rolls, Woodings produces both driven and idler rolls. We meet critical journal bore dimensions in the range of 0.001 inches for bore diameters. Critical finish specifications are no problem either.

Runout Tables

Woodings tables are fabricated carbon steel pedestals with machined carbon steel rolls. Various roll designs may be specified from solid to disc type rolls.




Spray Headers

Stainless steel pipe fabrication with critical spray location tolerances.





As you can imagine, welding on this large fabrication is extremely critical to ensure the
safe movement of hot metal. Fabrication accuracy is also required due to tight clearances in the tundish car application.

Tundish Car

Few suppliers can perform the combination of fabrication, machining, mechanical assembly work, piping and electrical installation required to produce these cars. No one
performs better than Woodings.

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